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Process Control, Designing Processes and Control Systems for Dynamic Performance, 2nd Edition
by Thomas Marlin

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This book was published for over 20 years by McGraw-Hill, and the copyright is now owned by the author, Tom Marlin.  He is donating the book for use without charge to those wishing to learn Process Control.  You may use this material for study.  If you reproduce any material, it must be distributed without charge and the extract must contain a citation to this document.  Please do not reproduce or redistribute any of this material; it is available at all times on this site.

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We hope that you enjoy learning about Process Control!

Part or
Section/Chapter Title  Pages 
Title Page
Symbols and Acronyms
Part I Introduction 1-2
1 Introduction to Process Control 3-18
2 Control Objectives and Benefits 19-43
Part II Process Dynamics 45
3 Mathematical Modelling Principles 49
4 Modelling and Analysis for Process Control 97
5 Dynamic Behavior of Typical Process Systems 135
6 Empirical Model Identification 175
Part III Feedback Control 207
7 The Feedback Loop 211
8 The Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Algorithm 239
9 PID Controller Tuning for Dynamic Performance 267
10 Stability Analysis and Controller Tuning Digital Implementation of Process Control  303
11 Digital Implementation of Process Control 357
12 Practical Application of Feedback Control 381
13 Performance of Feedback Control Systems 409
Part IV Enhancements to Single-Loop PID Feedback Control 453
14 Cascade Control 457
15 Feedforward Control 483
16 Adapting Single-Loop Control Systems for Non-linear Processes 511
17 Inferential Control 535
18 Level and Inventory Control 561
19 Single-variable Model Predictive Control ( IMC Control) 583
Part V Multivariable Control 615
20 Mutliloop Control: Effects of Interaction 619
21 Multiloop Control: Performance Analysis 661
22 Variable Structure and Constraint Control 705
23 Centralized Multivariable Control (MPC) 727
Part VI Process Control Design 761
24 Process Control Design: Definition and Decisions 765
25 Process Control Design: Managing the Design Procedure 819
26 Continual Improvement 859
Appendices Appendices
A Process Control Drawings 889
B Integrating Factor 895
C Chemical Reactor Modelling and Analysis 897
D Approximate Dynamic Models 909
E Determining Controller Constants to Satisfy Performance Specifications 915
F Discrete Models for Digital Control 921
G Guide to Selected Process Examples 925
H Partial Fractions and Frequency Response 931
I Process Examples of Parallel Systems 939
J Process Control Case Study: Two-product Distillation 949
K Process Control Case Study: Fired Heater 961
L Analysis of Digital Control Systems 973
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