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Would any difficulties occur if the process were not at steady state when a process reaction curve experiment was initiated?

Process Reaction Curve

How can we determine that the process is at steady state?













What is the signal-to-noise ratio for the output data in the graph?  Would this data be acceptable for estimating parameters using the process reaction curve method.

Process Reaction Curve








wpe4.gif (5461 bytes)















As a rough estimate, what accuracy do you expect from the empirical modelling method?  Express your answer in percent error in parameters.

Remember, data are noisy!













The experimental following data have been obtained for the fired heater process shown in the figure.  Evaluate the data to determine whether the data can be used for the process reaction curve calculations.

Experimental Method












Two process reaction curve experiments were performed, both from the same initial operating conditions for the continuous flow stirred tank in Figure 6.2.   Suppose that the temperature responses were very different.  Discuss reasons why this situation might occur and methods for determining the cause of the discrepancy.

Experimental Method












The following equation represents the sampled values for the dynamics of a system with
dead time and any order.