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An extension of Textbook Example 7.1, Case A.

Performance Measures

To obtain a faster signal for use in control, which one element would you make faster?

(The process time constant is 3 seconds.)


Signal Transmission

(time constant = 0.5 s)



(time constant = 1 s)


(time constant = 10s)











An extension of Textbook Example 7.2, which addresses the three-tank MIXING process, 

Control Approaches

Describe the response of the feedback control system to the following disturbances.

An increase of the supply pressure of the pure A fluid

An increase of 10 K degrees in the fluid B temperature

An increase of 30% in the flow of fluid B.













Make all the necessary
equipment changes and additions to be able to control the fluid level in in the draining tank in Figure 3.13.

Control Approaches














A distillation tower similar to Figure 5.18 could have 40 trays and 10 components   Therefore the number of compositions is over 400 (40 x 10).

Control Approaches

Which of these compositions should be controlled?

What valves should be installed to allow the adjustment of flows for control?

Provide at least one controlled variable and measurement for each of the seven categories of control objectives.












For the two closed-loop control responses, rank which is
better for each of the following performance criteria.

Control Approaches

Stability,   Returns to set point,  IAE (integral square error),   Rise time,   Settling time,  Decay Ratio,  Max |SP-CV|  , and  MAX MV overshoot
(Prepare a table)