Variability #1

A variability of 5 km/h is acceptable for two reasons: Firstly, this variability is near to the value of the error associated with common speedometers.   Therefore any attempt to reduce this variability would be fruitless.   Secondly, the variability is also near to the accuracy of the police radar equipment.  Although 108 km/h is certainly above the maximum speed limit in Canada, it may be difficult for the police to justly distinguish 108 from 100 km/h.  However, 108 km/h is  the slow lane of the German autobahn!

Variability #2

This example is most certainly not acceptable.  If your vehicle were experiencing changes in velocity of this magnitude and frequency, you would be travelling in a very erratic and dangerous manner.  Perhaps more importantly, at the upper limit of the variation, 125 km/h, the velocity is well above the Canadian speed limit.

And you would never speed!